Adapt to COVID-19



We’re documenting our research, advice and ideas to
accelerate collaboration and sharing amidst this global
turning point. By learning together in these tough situations,
we can deliver the customer experience necessary to tactically
get through this period of uncertainty, whilst retaining
your vision for the future.

Article | COVID-19 resource

Why your customer experience right now matters most


A crisis creates scenarios where it's easy to not prioritise certain 'luxuries', such as digital experience. But there's a reason you prioritised it to begin with. Bad online experiences are unforgettable. And your customers have been experiencing those poor interactions left, right and centre ever since Coronavirus became a concern.


Checklist | COVID-19 resource

Communication in crisis:
A checklist to keep you on the right track during COVID-19

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We’re determined to guide your customers through this unprecedented period and help you maintain your reputation, pace of service and excellence.


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Customer service efficiencies
with technology

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Copywriting in crisis

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Pivoting your service
offering to help customers
in new ways

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Digital products to
help with isolation

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Social media for
customer service