Interview | with Sarah Belfort

Meet Sarah.


Say hello to our new Senior Account Manager!

 She's only been with us for a little while, but you may have spotted her already on our social accounts 'spilling the beans'. Here is a short Q&A with Sarah Belfort - one of our newest members to join the client service team, going more in depth about her first months as a fully fledged Freestyler.

In March this year I joined Freestyle as Senior Account Manager. My previous role was at Santander, where I was a member of the digital team within Marketing, responsible for managing a range of Santander UK’s websites, apps and digital experiences.

In moving to Freestyle, I also took the plunge and moved to Warwickshire after six exciting years in London working at a mixture of both agency and client-side organisations.

I grew up in the Midlands so was excited to move back. House prices are also much more attractive round here…!


What's the most memorable thing about your first week at Freestyle?

Well, being handed a brand new MacBook Pro on my first day was rather nice! As was being taken out for lunch with my new team.

Another key element of the Freestyle induction is a tutorial on how to use our fancy barista-style coffee machines – it’s easier than it looks, but getting the milk perfectly frothed is an art!

Perks aside, I could very quickly see that people at Freestyle have fun doing what they love. It sounds cliché but there’s a real family feel here too, and everyone is incredibly inclusive and wants to make a difference. 


What inspired you to join Freestyle’s team?

When I was being introduced to Freestyle, their manifesto really stood out to me. It’s very Ronseal - does exactly what it says on the tin – and I like that. 

“Give Freestyle ‘non-sexy’ products, difficult audiences and complex buying cycles and they’ll deliver for you.”

I have a passion for creating great digital experiences and wanted to be part of a smart, savvy and close-knit agency with people who really do give a hoot.

Freestyle works its magic from a beautiful rural barn in Warwickshire. We have regular BBQs, dog-walk at lunchtime, have massages, do Pilates and nosh on fresh bread/cakes on Wednesdays – what’s not to love?

Oh, and remind me what timesheets are? Freestyle ditched them long ago.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

Each day is different – with new opportunities, as well as challenges to navigate. Having been at Freestyle for just a few months, I’ve really enjoyed meeting with our clients and getting to grips with their businesses, audiences and problems. 

I particularly enjoy all the opportunities given to spend time getting to know our clients. The day spent at the Henley Royal Regatta was a highlight!

We also run a quarterly series of our Tonic event. Each one has a different theme, but they all provide a dose of insights and thought-provoking conversations around technology and customers. We discuss what’s worth the hype, what’s missed the mark and what opportunities you have yet to consider to make digital work for you.


I have a passion for creating great digital experiences and wanted to be part of a smart, savvy and close-knit agency with people who really do give a hoot.


Favourite quote or motto?

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." - Judy Garland 

"The most wasted of days is one without laughter." - E. E. Cummings


What are you looking forward to on this journey with the agency?

On a personal level, I’m really excited to be at the start of my journey with Freestyle, working with clients from a wide range of industries and looking for better ways of working to solve the problems that keep them awake at night.

Freestyle is super hot at encouraging us to ensure we focus on our personal development – through training courses, as well as attending industry events.  

Just before I joined, Suzanne (our MD) introduced ‘Steal Days’. We’re gifted one day per quarter to do something of our choice which revitalises our creative juices. So far, team members have embarked on remote training courses, spent a day in London’s museums and I’m planning to take a cooking course – my partner’s idea… what’s his motive?

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