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Our Episerver certified developers and optimisation teams have used Episerver to meet the demands of many of our clients. We created tangible success for businesses ranging from global B2B organisations to leading travel companies.

A long-standing partnership.

As a fully integrated digital agency, we choose our technology partners with our clients’ needs in mind.

It’s why Episerver became part of our technology offering over a decade ago. When it comes to serving enterprises, personalised journeys and AI-driven optimisation, Episerver has it all. Which means our clients do too.

Freestyle has been an Episerver development Partner since 2008, building flexibility and stability into our clients’ projects, as well as an outstanding integration capacity with popular digital tools.

We've helped our clients deliver outstanding online experiencesengaging campaigns and even win a few awards with their bespoke Episerver builds.

Case study: Bostik

Enterprise multi-site development for a global brand.

Leading global adhesive specialist Bostik faced challenges in addressing the needs of their industrial and consumer markets. The 34 regional websites also posed a challenge in content management and ability to serve tailored content to customers and stakeholders.

After a comprehensive research phase, we took a customer-centric approach and used Episerver Experience Cloud™ to construct a smart ecosystem of multilingual websites.

We established a central repository of content, assets and product data that Bostik can easily repurpose and publish to their entire web estate.

The result was a triple-award-winning website ecosystem that delivered against Bostik's digital KPIs. 

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Case study: Saxoprint

Market disruption through a community platform and campaign

SAXOPRINT needed to deliver stand-out experiences which foster trust, long-term relationships across diverse audiences and ensure a ROI for the German printer's launch in the UK.

We developed Pro Studio – the platform that connects the online print needs of a business with a wealth of creative talent.

We followed up with an award-winning user-generated-content campaign that left its mark on the British design community and registered over 50,000 votes on the Episerver platform. 

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Case study: Arriva.

Ecommerce for the public transport market with Arriva

Our Arriva partnership portfolio has a vast array of projects ranging from technical builds and UX to e-commerce platforms and campaigns.

Before we could do any campaign work, we had to set up the website on a platform that could support projects and traffic at scale, and complex ecommerce processes. 

Using in-depth research on customer behaviour and website usage, we produced a unique Episerver build for Arriva buses. We used self-optimising blocks to tailor the customer experience while integrating CRM systems with complex travel data feeds.

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Episerver features.

Episerver’s features allow for swift deployment of content across multiple digital channels, personalisation and continuous improvement for marketing teams.

Some of the features include:

  • COPE - Create Once, Publish Everywhere
  • Self-optimising blocks for highly targeted content
  • Integration with existing CRM Systems
  • Powerful testing features for through A/B and multi-variant testing 


What it means for us (yes - you're browsing an Episerver website now!) and for our clients is that less time and effort are spent on updating and posting content and general web admin.

It also means that Episerver is able to support your online marketing strategy in a few different ways. A visitor's experience can be tailored by feeding relevant content to an individual journey. Marketers now have the full ability to be in control of their content, and make decisions based on testing results, and fully integrate their website to other tools such as Marketo or Salesforce.

Episerver CMS.


More than ‘just a content management system', Episerver is a centralised platform, built for the cloud, with your customer in mind.

Episerver CMS provides powerful web content management capabilities, including an intuitive user interface, multi-publishing and approval features, as well as a flexible API for customizations.

That means it's easy to use, offering freedom to marketers to be in control of the content and how it's served to their customers. 

Some integration capabilities worth mentioning:

See the full list here.

Episerver enables you to create seamless digital experiences for visitors across desktop, mobile and tablet, to meet your marketing, communications, and business objectives more efficiently and strategically.



Our Episerver certified developers are at the forefront of their profession.

And when it comes to .net CMS systems, we believe Episerver best meets the needs of modern businesses.

Its integration potential, security (on the Microsoft Stack), stability, user experience, marketing capability and continuing product development have established it as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave Report for Web Content Management.

Amongst the many advantages to using Episerver, your IT team might highlight: 

  • Flexible hosting options
  • Security
  • Integration and stability
  • DDoS monitoring and mitigation
  • Scalability

On top of it all, we’ve developed Freestyle Partners - a digital asset management system, to fully integrate with Episerver, making asset management a breeze for marketing and sales teams. 

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