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Freestyle earns partner specialization for Episerver CMS

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Along with proven capabilities of implementation and customer satisfaction, we have met all requirements for Episerver’s new specialisation program.

Episerver has been one of our partners for over a decade. Since, we’ve developed and maintained tens of award-winning projects in a variety of industries, including adhesives, retirement properties and education.

Our work did a bunch of great stuff for our clients: it improved the online experience of their customers, it brought in more revenue and it even won awards. Ultimately, we created tangible success for businesses ranging from global B2B organisations to leading travel companies.

Now this work has also landed us an elite specialization classification for Episerver CMS, enhancing our  visibility and viability among Episerver’s partner network.

To be more specific, it means that we’ve worked hard in order to have:

  • a minimum of three Episerver CMS service live sites
  • no fewer than three active certified developer
  • at least one customer case study.

 With the Episerver CMS Specialization, we will be better able to promote our Episerver expertise while potential customers can identify Freestyle as an organization with deep implementation experience to call upon for their specific needs. Our specialization classification will appear as an additional “badge” in Episerver’s searchable Partner directory to the Solution Partner level already attained.

 “When Freestyle was presented the opportunity to participate in the Episerver CMS Specialization program, it was an easy decision for us given our history with Episerver and our enthusiasm of showing potential customers how the product can help them create memorable experiences and add incredible value to their business,” – Guy Brown, Technology Director at Freestyle.

“Specialization classification is an impressive undertaking and speaks to Freestyle’s track record of hyper-successful projects using Episerver CMS,” said Karen Chastain, Director of Global Alliances and Partners for Episerver. “This Specialization, in particular, shows business customers that Freestyle understands the value of handing over the most productive platform to them when the initial project is complete, so anyone using the CMS is able to easily create and use compelling content across channels.”





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