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Freestyle Shortlisted for 'Best for Flexible Working' at the Working Families Best Practice Awards 2023

13.05.23NewsPeople & Culture
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We’re delighted to have been announced as a finalist in the prestigious Working Families Best Practice Awards 2023.

The awards recognise employers whose exceptional cultures and working practices set the standard for flexible and employee-friendly workplaces. Now in its fourteenth year, the Working Families' Best Practice Awards highlight and celebrate organisations that prioritise flexibility for their workforce and go above and beyond in supporting parents and carers.

Freestyle securing a place as a finalist in the 'Best for Flexible Working' category recognises and reflects our commitment to fostering an environment where employees can thrive, with flexibility and wellbeing at the core of its values.

"It's a real accolade to be shortlisted alongside such impressive entrants and organisations. At Freestyle, we strive to create an environment that empowers our people to reach their full potential, and flexibility plays a vital role in achieving that. We firmly believe that no parent should have to choose between being an exceptional parent and excelling in their career. Our aim is to provide a flexible and autonomous working environment that helps bridge that gap" -  Emma Simkiss, Managing Director.

The Working Families Best Practice Awards showcase the progressive efforts of organisations that champion flexible working practices and support the needs of working parents and carers. By recognizing and celebrating these employers, the awards promote a culture of inclusivity, understanding, and work-life balance within the business community.

The winners of the Working Families Best Practice Awards 2023 will be announced at a prestigious ceremony later this year, where organisations from diverse industries will come together to celebrate excellence in flexible working practices.


Emma Simkiss Managing Director at Freestyle

Emma Simkiss

Managing Director Freestyle

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+44 1926 652 832

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