Timetabling SAAS for one of Europe’s leading transport brands

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“Help us to turn data into on-demand timetables.”

Arriva UK Bus is one of the main bus operators in the UK. Their customers rely on over 5,000 vehicles that cover hundreds routes all over the country, 365 days a year.

Illustration of Arriva's bus routes


Believe it or not, Arriva Bus’ daily customers didn’t know when to expect their bus.

Routes and timetables weren’t made available to commuters until they physically got to the bus stop to find them printed on a nearby post. In the backend, their timetabling data was split into a number of components like day/time, geo coordinates and polygons of ‘zones’, which made it complex, difficult to understand and impossible to translate into a usable service for customers.

A row of Arriva buses


Using a wide array of technologies and impressive maths, we created a web service that could interpret the various data sources and repurpose them into timetables.

We could then syndicate those data sources through the business for ticket/route purchase, downloads, brochures, bus stops and route planning on mobile and website.

Man getting onto an Arriva bus


From no timetables to dynamic, up-to-date, online schedules - this was a huge business shift for Arriva.

For its customers, it meant they can plan their journeys on the fly. Even though the core website and booking engine has changed since, we’re still running the SaaS dynamic timetabling service across the Arriva digital estate to this date.

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