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“Help lorry drivers book freight journeys across the British Channel”

Eurotunnel is one of the railway shuttle services operating in the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France.



Eurotunnel’s Le Shuttle Freight service needs every one of its 1.4 million annual freight vehicles to pre-book every single journey and share details about what is being transported.

With requirements for tracing goods, invoicing account customers, loading based on size and type of freight being carried, and different legislation requirements between the UK and EU, it’s a lengthy and complex challenge. The gap Eurotunnel had was providing an easy and efficient mobile experience for regular hauliers to share this information as part of their booking and for their logistics teams to make sense of it all.



We needed to simplify and personalise, so that drivers’ details, number plates and regular cargo could all be pre-completed in the app, and the journey made more efficient for both customer and Eurotunnel.

Mapping out all the journey and booking variants helped us to create the optimum path for users. We experimented with design variants, a high fidelity prototype for user validation and internal and external testing to develop the first iteration of the app. This led to a full clickable prototype, specs and technical functionality prior to handing over to the internal team for onward development.



Phase one of the booking journey has been implemented in spite of Covid, Brexit and legislation changes.

Plus, Eurotunnel and their freight drivers have already benefitted from the improvements in the booking experience.

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