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No one business is the same, and neither are their challenges.
Our workshops are designed to help you find the right answers,
based on the nature of the problem you’re facing.





You might have suffered at the hands of Covid-19 and are not sure where to head to next, you might want to validate an idea or, you just want some space to throw around some concepts with a different crowd with a fresh perspective. Let us help.



Zero Day workshop
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Take some time out of your week to work with our strategy and insights team to plan a roadmap for the next 12 months. We’ll use our tools and industry methodologies to work out the best course of survival and revival following months of massive uncertainty and insecurity.


Most suited to you if: Your business has been affected by Covid 19 and you need some guidance and support in working out your future strategy

Time required: 3 hrs

Expected outcome: A topline business recovery plan for the next 12 months to help get you going again.

Think a Zero Day workshop might be right for you?


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Discovery workshop
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A session to dive into a theory of yours - we’ll help you scratch that itch. Working with our team, we’ll uncover the problems or challenges you think you have and help you work out a plan to validate them and define a set of next actions.


Most suited to you if: you have a high degree of uncertainty around a customer or business problem or challenge and need help to prove or disprove.

Time required: ½ day

Expected outcome: Clarity on problems or customer challenges you were unsure existed and a clear plan for what to do with them next.

Think a Discovery workshop might be the right thing to help you?


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Validation sprints
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Go from concept to a testable proposition in under a week. Our Validation Sprints will look at an idea, create a lo-fi prototype to test with a small user base to help prove or disprove an idea, removing the risk of high-cost failure.


Most suited to you if: You have an idea that you’d like to test and validate through a low risk / low-cost approach

Time required: 5 days

Expected outcome: A validated, lo-fi prototype that is ready to move to the next stage of development. We’ll include all the context and workings to help you achieve buy-in from the board or other senior stakeholders. 

Do you have an idea you’d like to validate without a costly prototyping phase?


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Free play

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A session to simply throw ideas around outside of the usual constraints of business and help get some clarity and actions of what else you could be doing. Perfect for bringing some creativity and clarity to complex challenges your business faces. Our team of strategists, designers and analysts will help you generate new ideas, assess their potential suitability against your business objectives and recommend what to do next.


Most suited to you if: you just want some external help on generating new ideas and their potential viability for the business.

Time required: 1 day

Expected outcome: A selection of new ideas, written up into a doc, including some recommendations for what to do with them next.

Just want some time off the clock to generate some new concepts?


✉️ Run it by us and we'll tell you