18,000 qualifications delivered at speed to offset Covid-19 in Sport

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“Help us launch a product in less than a month.”

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) is the professional development body for the UK's sport and physical activity sector.

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The world of sports management was on the brink of losing 30,000 professionals as a result of Covid-19, with expiring qualifications and the closure of facilities.

CIMSPA needed to quickly put in a solution to match training providers with those seeking qualifications, ready for when sport opened back up again.

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Along with CIMSPA and Sport England we created ReTrain - a web application developed to MVP launch in 4 weeks. The following two agile sprints got it completion within 11 weeks of having received the brief.

ReTrain works to identify training needs and matches them (against geographical and socio-economic data, as well as organisational need) with registered training providers, through a web interface to quickly bring the parties together.

A mockup of the CIMSPA Retrain application


A hugely successful programme for CIMSPA, delivered at pace. We achieved 18,000 lockdown qualifications, 600+ training requests and 100 UK employers upskilled their activity workforce.

We’ve since moved on in a programme of continual improvement, currently working on its second phase.

The operational delivery of the ReTrain project was centred on the bespoke, purpose-built platform that Freestyle designed. They were efficient, agile and flexible, responding to all user needs and ensured we remained on track in building a robust platform, integral to ReTrain’s success.

Spencer Moore, Director of Strategy, CIMSPA

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